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This event is supported by the European cultural Season, organized during the French Presidency of the European Union (July 1st – Dec. 31st, 2008)
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Saison culturelle européenne


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Dernière Nouvelles d'Alsace     France 3 Alsace

France 3 Alsace in association with the Museums of Strasbourg explores the life and work of Hans Jean Arp on television and the Internet:

Spectators can enjoy the exhibition firsthand in France3 Alsace’s Fall lineup of television programs and news reports:
- the evolution of the pieces on loan from the ARP Foundations,
- preparations around the exhibit and reactions from Strasbourg’s public
Reports available for the public through France3’s Cultural Portal http://videos-culture.france3.fr and on http://alsace.france3.fr/, a website dedicated to Hans Jean Arp as a prelude to the exhibition:
- A short video biography about the native of Strasbourg
From Hans Jean Arp’s birthplace to the gargoyles around the cathedral inspiring his childhood drawings and sculptures of the Esplanade, a stroll around Strasbourg as a preview to the exhibition
- An interactive game: «A côté de la plaque»
Situated in the heart of Strasbourg or further away in its quiet neighborhoods, street signs figuring a constellation of Hans Jean Arp’s friends : sculptors, poets…France3 Alsace recounts the tale «A côté de la plaque»…
- Clouds, swarming swallows and images for the illustrated presentation of texts by poet Hans Jean Arp.
- Interviews

An architect, curator, exposition organizer, graphic designer, librarian and many others expand upon the organization around an exhibition